My Services


Psychotherapy is to use different approaches to see your past, present and future. You do not have to suffer all these pains as if you should. You can start to take psychotherapy and give yourself a chance to start differently.


Therapies & Treatments

I’ll use a complete well structured treatment using my solid knowledge in cognitive psychology , personality enneagrams types, morph psychologist and body language reading as therapies to understand your behaviour patterns and music therapy to decode emotions history.

Self-Esteem & Confidence

A high self esteem makes you view life in a positive way, you feel confident, you enjoy life, you see difficulties as challenges, you are able to be assertive and say what you want and feel and you don’t allow other people to treat you badly and take advantage of you.

Anxiety And Depression

You’ll get out of that feeling of sadness, hopelessness and reduced energy while pointing and relieving the tied thoughts of your personality patterns.

Work Related Stress

Well improve together your mood swings, felling withdrawn, loss of motivation, commitment or emotional reactions.


I’ll support anyone who has been discriminated, humiliated, left out or ridiculed, I encourage to stop suffering in silence and take control of the situation.


Focusing on you, with the best therapeutic care.

I respect the individual characteristics of the clients and dedicate to help them to develop toward individuation.


You and I as your psychologist will work together to identify and change the though and behaviour patterns that are keeping you from feeling your best.


All you disclose in the section will be kept extremely confidential.


I provide a neutral and supportive environment that allows you to talk openly about anything.

Support 24/7

I use my international education, knowledge, and experience in psychology as well as my cultural integration to support you providing consultancy in English, Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese.


What They Say About Me

Here is a few testimonials from previous clientes, most of them are from thank you cards or end of treatment feedback sheets. For obvious reasons these have been anonymised, not photos or real names. They gave me kind permission to share their successful journey with you.

” I was constantly worried about others not liking me and getting rejected, leading me to avoid potential relationships, all kind of commitments and activities. Sanah helped me to see the unhelpful patterns I used to get into and teaching me many useful coping strategies. I can now mostly enjoy life, Im in my first long term relationship after my catastrophic divorce form 15 years ago. I live in Spain, I attended online therapy and I highly recommend her unique healing approach. ”

Male(56) attended 23 sessions of ego and self esteem based approach.

” We have had nothing but positive experiences since we meet Sanah, and have seen a huge improvement in both of us. Our mood and the way we relate to each other has changed our lives. Its like we could not seen our behaviour before and just kept blaming each other. Sanah helped us to face our toxicity thoughts and gave us the chance to understand what leaded us to that dark place. We will always be more than grateful, you are such a lovely human kind”

Male and female (46) (39) attended 14 sessions of couple therapy based approach.

” I would say that Sanah was my rock during a difficult time in my life, but more than that - she helped me to prove to myself that I am my own rock. She is perceptive, insightful and honest. She can help you navigate whatever challenges you face with strength and without judgment. Sanah clearly cares a lot about her patients, she is an amazing therapist but also a great person. I have got in Sanah a truthtful friend for life.

Female (37) attended 31 sessions of bereavement and loss based approach.