About Me


I started with a degree in psychology to understand how people behave. Soon enough. found myself more interested in why an individual would behave in such a way and the conditioned patterns that all of us develop from a very early age.

Therefore, I have finally landed in the field of Expert in Personality and Expert in Morpho-psychology and Enneagrams. Along with my eternal passion for music, I’ve been playing the piano since I was 6 years old. My degree in music is an essential skilled education which lead me to compose and perform music as a therapy method so that I can read emotion patterns to comprehend and decipher mental health.


Children Therapy

Children’s emotional worlds, like all of ours, affect everyday lives and I promote positive mental health by encouraging them to face a problem, talk about it and develop independent thinking, resilience and greater autonomy through belief in themselves.

Individual Coaching

Sometimes in our life, we hit a point where we just get stuck. No explanations or clues why or how, it just happens. I’ll help you to get out of this circle, regain control and momentum in your life.

Couple Therapy

If you are facing problems in your relationship pr you’d like to understand your partner better, you can count on me to talk through what’s going on. I’ll help you to make positive changes in your relationship.

Family Counseling

You’d seek advice when siblings are not getting on or when parents and children are going through a divorce or separation. Whatever difficulties you are having as a family, I can help.

An Expert Soulmind Healing Touch

Life is never easy and there is not shortcut to happiness. But I can apply the knowledge of modern psychology and professional support to be able to cope better with life.