In any situation, nothing is more important than the health state of your personality, no the situation itself.


Establishing a good dialogue from the start is the first step towards good therapy, coaching or consultancy. You can easily request a preliminary 30-minute meeting by phone or zoom without any further commitment. Defining your individual needs and clarifying the unique approach process is the key to successful and long-term results. Once we have agreed on the best approach, you can book a session with me, using the booking calendar system provided. Then, we can start sessions via Zoom and later, face-to-face consultations when it is possible.



I was born in Ceuta, Spain. I have experienced diversified cultures as I grew up in a Muslim family, was educated in another culture and lived in totally different countries. The ability to ground me in front of all the cultures and influences was the key to enriching my experiences and self-development.

I was always so curious about the mind. Asking myself: how everyone should follow the “rational” principle and make the “correct” decision. This doubt led me to the world of psychology until today.I started with a degree in psychology to understand how people behave. Soon enough, I found myself more interested in why an individual would behave in such a way and the conditioned patterns that all of us develop from a very early age.Therefore, I have finally landed in the field of Expert in Personality and Expert in Morpho-psychology and Enneagrams. Along with my eternal passion for music, I’ve been playing the piano since I was 6 years old. My degree in music is an essential skilled education which lead me to compose and perform music as a therapy method so that I can read emotion patterns to comprehend and decipher mental health.


There is a reason why you have a difficult time understanding why you do what you do. Why do you react and feel in a certain way when it comes to a past or a new situation, person, or environment? I invite you to start a journey without distance in which I will help you to have a better understanding of yourself and to develop healthier and more effective ways to deal with any circumstance. By combining different methods. I’m able to tailor the most suitable and effective solution for you. We will find out the cause of “realm and effect” in your case, so I can gradually look into your shadow side or unconscious mind to help you understand and cope with your emotional patterns


Related to mental health, behavior and personality psychology.

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